Professional web-hosting for professional websites

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Your website represents your company and is like the signboard in front of your door. In your website, there is a variety of potential that should be used for the enduring advantage of your company. Many questions should be raised regarding successful web-hosting that also fits your demands, such as:

  • Which services do you want to connect with your website?
  • How should you protect your company from outside attacks?
  • Which initially unrecognized boundaries and limitations could possibly become problematic, suddenly encumbering your company with difficulties?
  • Which resources do you actually need in order to be competitive in the long-run?

Professional web-hosting offers first-class answers not only for these questions – the optimal web-hosting solution is customized exactly to you and the needs of your company: individual, fast, flexible, expandable, and secure.

//SEIBERT/MEDIA ensures high performance (system performance) through the use of fast and high-quality brand-name servers from DELL and HP. Low CPU usage and well-dimensioned hardware provide for short reaction times and the fast processing of automated processes (cron jobs). We are running our servers 50 meters away from DE-CIX – the central European and largest German node for Internet data traffic. According to the DE-CIX, the facility takes care of 85% of the total German peering traffic. In addition, the computing center has at its disposal a backbone ring at various locations in Germany as well as broadband peering with, for example, German Telekom. Overloaded central exchange nodes can thus be avoided in a variety of ways.

Our servers show an availability rating of over 99.9%. Through our pared-down system architecture, the rate of necessary system updates and patches has been significantly lowered. With the help of our monitoring service, we constantly oversee the reachability and performance of our servers. If irregularities should arise, our system administrators will be notified immediately. This is to ensure that not only simple disruptions in service but also significant performance swings can be registered and analyzed: therefore, we know when the server is not reachable or is overloaded.

In case of emergency, you can call our emergency hotline 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and solve problems together with us: we are always there. For this purpose, we are always ready with our competent personnel, who are able to do more than merely confirm your problems. In addition, we observe and follow mailing lists reporting on bugs, exploits, and other relevant security mistakes that appear in the software and server services you are using, thus quickly reacting to important events and discoveries.

Susceptible applications (PHP applications have a particularly high number of security holes) are quarantined by us into completely separate areas. Every service receives its own “virtual” server (secluded unit), which means that a possible successful attack on this service will not have any effects on the system as a whole and can be quickly neutralized. We prize the high quality and reliability of our server systems. Through redundant servers, many running systems are secured onto another system in real-time to protect them from disruptions in service and data loss. We implement backups and provide for the physical availability of data storage mediums at various locations.

Even the smallest web-hosting packages offered by //SEIBERT/MEDIA/ are already equipped with multiple virtualization technologies that enable you to run your Internet presence in your own, virtual environment, completely separated from other customers. Your web presence is installed once in our virtual environments and can then run through the various hosting models of //SEIBERT/MEDIA without a new installation, from the smallest hosting package up to the last stage of expansion.

Hosting Models at //SEIBERT/MEDIA

//SEIBERT/MEDIA/ has run Internet presences and web applications on its own online servers since 1997. We develop individual hosting concepts together with our customers and ensure hardware- and software architectures that fit your needs:

Professional hosting for professional websites that grow with your needs.

Please contact us – we would be happy to consult with you. Further information on the subject of web-hosting at //SEIBERT/MEDIA can be found in our brochure on the topic: