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Search engines are significant instruments for customer acquisition: 80% of all Internet sessions and 70% of all Internet transactions begin with the use of a search engine. No other topic on the Internet has been so strongly surrounded by rumors and charlatans. In no other area are there so many unserious and dubious activities as in the “optimization” of websites. Indeed, this supposedly simple business is in reality a very individual and dangerous one.

Black Hat SEO …

There are serious measures for the optimization of search engine results, measures that rely on sustainability and show enduring results in the long-term; there are also aggressive methods that lead to quick success but may harbor not inconsiderable risks. This process is called Black Hat SEO. This is most often accomplished by placing websites at cheap hosting sites in order to minimize risks, buying static links that continually push people with link texts to their own landing pages, and executing off-site optimizations until your own optimization pages are ranked first. These methods work quickly and impressively, are cheap, lead to more visitors, and can be achieved with relatively small amounts of time and effort.

… and its dangers

In general, the described measures are considered to be dubious and unfair because Black Hat SEO intentionally goes against the guidelines given by search engines. Google and other search engines punish behavior not conforming to the rules as well as breaches of their guidelines. Indeed, being a large, well-known company is no protection, as even sites such as www.bmw.de have in the past been temporarily removed from the search index. Or maybe you don’t even notice the punishment – how do you want to find out if Google doesn’t simply always show your website two or three spaces lower than it should? Besides which, you can also be punished when others who are working for you have used unscrupulous methods. Many of these unscrupulous service providers implement extremely dubious methods in order to satisfy results-oriented customers who are completely unconcerned by the risks.

White Hat SEO …

Serious Internet companies such as //SEIBERT/MEDIA rely on “legal” on-page optimization through the creation of high quality content and professional landing pages and, while programming the source code, by following the search engines’ guidelines. In addition to this, we execute regular analyses of the current rankings with the goal of undertaking new optimization steps as needed. We provide for topic-relevant backlinks for the webpage (a backlink is a hyperlink from one website to another website from a different domain; it acts like an endorsement for the website and helps it to achieve a better rank in the search engines’ lists results) and in general recommend the use of valid HTML tags (tags are formatting mark-ups that are not visible to the readers of the website and are needed to format, or present, the text).

… and its possibilities

Whoever has been in the business long enough knows that even in the fast-paced world of the Internet, sustainability, seriousness, and consistency always pay off. We are honest: complex measures have their price, of course, and don’t always pay for themselves immediately. But it is your decision as to whether your website is listed in the Top 10 of a search engine tomorrow and perhaps due to the breaching of guidelines is removed a short time later from the Index, or whether your Internet presence receives a high ranking in the middle- or long-term and also remains high on the list for a long time after.

We would be happy to consult with you intensively about the possibilities for making your website successful in the long-term. A website optimized according to the principles of White Hat SEO may achieve its success more slowly, but it is a more enduring success because White Hat SEO stands for quality, legality, and most importantly:

The optimization of the site for the users – not for the search engines.

Further information on this topic can be found in our SEO-Brochure:

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