MS SharePoint as a Wiki: Few Functions, less Compatibility

Without professional knowledge management, companies are losing potential, wasting resources, and acquiring unwanted competitive disadvantages. Industry giant Microsoft has rolled out its own application, SharePoint, which allows data to be centrally deposited and edited. But is MS SharePoint really a good alternative to a fully developed company wiki application? Our answer is a definitive “no”.

Fünf Formen der Design-Entscheidungsfindung: Welche ist Ihre?

In jedem Web-Projekt müssen Teams wichtige Entscheidungen treffen. Jared M. Spool hat fünf Formen der Entscheidungsfindung identifiziert und erklärt u.a., wie unbeabsichtigte Resultate zustande kommen, warum User-zentrierte Entwicklung die High-End-Methode ist und weshalb erfolgreiche Teams wissen müssen, wann welche Form anzuwenden ist.

Management Dashboards in an Intranet

By using management dashboards, your company’s managers will have access to a better overview and more transparency. By dashboards, we mean graphical evaluations that represent certain quantifiable key numbers in charts and make time segments visible through trending. This compiles information into a critical mass in an easily understandable and accessible way.