Stash: A Demonstration of Atlassian’s Git Repository Management Tool

Stash: Demonstration of a production system

Atlassian’s Stash is a centralized system for the creation and management of Git repositories, within which the entire distributed code comes together. Since only very few projects consist of one single repository, Stash offers an easy-to-use project structure that offers quick and simple access to repositories so that you can organize and manage them.

In this English-language demonstration, Jens Schumacher, a product manager at Atlassian, introduces a Stash production system from the inside out and demonstrates administration, rights management, working with branches and commits, merging, collaborative possibilities in Stash, and more. Those developers who already work with a distributed version control system (DVCS) and would be interested in practical insights regarding Stash’s potentials should derive particular benefit from this video.

Download this video (MP4, 141 MB)

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