Atlassian Summit 2013: Impressions From Yesterday’s Ecosystem Partner Day #summit13

The worldwide Atlassian community has come together again. During October 1-3 the Atlassian Summit 2013 takes place in San Francisco. On tap are trainings, state of the union talks, presentations, sessions, panels, and of course a lot of networking. A //SEIBERT/MEDIA delegation is also on site.

Before the proper initiation, Atlassian had an Ecosystem Partner day on. Here are some impressions:

Pic 1: Full house, excited audiance.

Pic 2: That's what we are! Great to belong to the Atlassian family!

Pics 3 & 4: //SEIBERT/MEDIA's marketing used as example for customer value (YouTube channel and blog).

Thanks for the great Ecosystem Partner Day, Atlassian! And now we're looking forward to the Summit 2013! We're sure it will be a great and valuable event! 🙂

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