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Architecture of a Wiki-Project: Customers’ Frequently Asked Questions

In the article “Architecture of a Wiki-Project: Elements, Process, Approach, Rules”, the procedure for a typical adoption of a Wiki is portrayed in exquisite detail; the best thing to do would be for you to read that article first. This article completes our explanation with the kinds of questions that according to our experience many customers have, questions that require coherent, unambiguous answers.

Architecture of a Wiki-Project: Elements, Process, Approach, Rules

Many companies are unsure of how a successful Wiki-project should be started and executed. This article will give you an overview of this topic and inform you of the basics. //SEIBERT/MEDIA/ offers transparent services. Ultimately, as the saying goes, we’re also just cooking with water, but we’ve also collected many experiences regarding the process for Wiki-projects, which we will happily explain here – regardless of whether or not you are currently executing a project with us, are planning a project with us, or simply wish to be more successful with your Wiki – without our help.