Programmiersprachen und Fachbuchabsatz: C# überholt Java, Perl gehört zu den “Major Languages”

Der Fachbuchverlag O’Reilly hat im Rahmen einer Studie die Absatzzahlen von Fachbüchern über Programmiersprachen untersucht. Lassen diese Daten Rückschlüsse auf die tatsächliche Relevanz einzelner Sprachen zu? Eher nicht. Interessant sind die Ergebnisse dennoch.

Management Dashboards in an Intranet

By using management dashboards, your company’s managers will have access to a better overview and more transparency. By dashboards, we mean graphical evaluations that represent certain quantifiable key numbers in charts and make time segments visible through trending. This compiles information into a critical mass in an easily understandable and accessible way.

Wikis in an Intranet Part 1: MediaWiki and TWiki – Extremely Well-Developed Systems for Very Different Demands

Some managers think that the success of Wikipedia can only be transferred to their company intranet by using the exact same wiki system as the online encyclopedia. Unfortunately, this is a false conclusion as the demands placed on an internet lexicon and a corporate wiki are fundamentally different.