Confluence Hosting with //SEIBERT/MEDIA: Operating a Wiki with all the Advantages of the Cloud Model while Maintaining Complete Access to Options for Customization

With the InstaWiki-model, //SEIBERT/MEDIA has brought a new Confluence hosting product into its systems portfolio, a product that offers you several advantages when compared to Atlassian’s OnDemand Version, which Confluence runs as “Software as a Service” (SaaS) in the cloud: What hasn’t changed, however, is that with InstaWiki you still don’t have to install and operate Confluence in your own infrastructure and yet may retain full access to its features and customization options, just as if it were installed locally.

You can now order your wiki:

You’ll have the following advantages:

Above all, take advantage of all plugins

There are hundreds of powerful plugins available for Confluence, and these plugins can add a great deal of valuable functionality to your wiki. All of the plugins that are offered through the Atlassian Marketplace can be used with your InstaWiki, which means that you can adapt your wiki’s functions completely according to your individual, specific need. In contrast, Confluence OnDemand is limited to a few standard plugins and does not offer the possibility of adding any others.

Branding of your site

With the help of individual themes, Confluence is completely customizable, and its use is also easy to understand and worth a closer look. Confluence-hosting with //SEIBERT/MEDIA allows the use of your own themes, including the complete branding of your site. This form of customization is not possible with an OnDemand version. With an OnDemand version, you would have to be satisfied with a suboptimal, non-branded, standard interface and would not be able to utilize any individual customization.

Administration area with full functionality

With InstaWiki, you’ll have full access to the admin area with all of its features, and you’ll be able to optimize Confluence to your heart’s content. In contrast, Confluence OnDemand does not offer administrators full rights or access to all of the administration functions (some settings may be changed through a request tendered to Atlassian OnDemand technical support, but a complete customization is not possible).

Permissions management

InstaWiki offers complete flexibility for the configuration of individual permissions for functions, spaces, and pages. Confluence OnDemand does not allow individual permissions management for customers.

German servers with the highest data-protection and security standards

We operate your wiki on German servers using an infrastructure that provides for the highest security requirements and satisfies the German law regarding data security. In other words, your data are not stored in some random country.

Free technical support through Atlassian

Our hosting offer includes an evaluation license for the Confluence enterprise wiki. With this, you can enjoy – like many other Atlassian customers – free technical support through Atlassian. In addition, //SEIBERT/MEDIA offers on-demand German-language support.

Fill out form, receive e-mail information, work directly with Confluence

And here’s how it (simply) works: On our special page covering our InstaWiki model, you may just fill out a short form and choose your desired URL in the following form – (When, following the test phase, you make your version active, we can – if you like – also have your wiki available through its own individual domain.)

We’ll then immediately send you all the necessary information by e-mail, and within just a few minutes you’ll automatically receive administrator access to your own Confluence wiki. This way you’ll save – in comparison to Confluence OnDemand – up to 20% of the monthly operating costs (depending on the number of users). Academic and public-interest organizations can even save up to 55%! (Here you’ll find all of the pricing information.)

This is why Confluence hosting with //SEIBERT/MEDIA is such a good choice

To summarize: You’ll be able to take advantage of all the advantages inherent in the cloud model (no burdening of your precious IT infrastructure, no expensive hardware purchases, quick availability), yet at the same time you’ll also have access to all customization options required for professional operation in a business environment, and all of this while saving up to 20% in comparison to Atlassian’s OnDemand product.

Set it up now and test it for 30 days with no strings attached

Interesting? You can test and use our Confluence hosting for 30 days, free of charge and without any further obligation. Afterwards, you can simply decide whether you wish you continue using your Wiki at the normal price or if it should simply be deleted. Order your wiki now! And if you have questions, please just contact us. We’d be happy to advise you in this regard.

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